Meta stories published on Kindle



The Case of the Comanche Werewolf

Jim Hume investigates a grisly double murder. What he thinks will be a routine case quickly becomes a international supernatural manhunt.
Jim learns from British agent Cressidia Graham and demon hunter Dr. Van Helsing that the killer he’s looking for may suffer from the rarest form of lycanthropy known to the Catholic Church.
Van Helsing tells Jim that the Vatican is offering a substantial reward for the head of Bruno Redman, the man believed to be the Dire Werewolf.
Jim joins forces with Kate Boone, an ex-prostitute turned rancher and Elidh Fairburn, a former British agent now Kate Boone’s business partner. The group joins up with wealthy rancher Buck Carlson — an adventurer and owner of a private airship — to end Bruno Redman’s centuries long killing spree.

Druid’s Children

After the death of Durst, Dark Druid of the deep woods, Morgance, the woman carrying Durst’s child, lead three other people on a journey to find a mysterious mountain.
Mt. Tulan, an extinct volcano far to the north, becomes home to the refugees fleeing rebellious tribes of ancient Britain and Roman conquerors.
The band soon finds that something in the food and water increases awareness, strength, and endurance.
Over time, the Tulanos, the inhabitants of Mt. Tulan, establish trade with local tribes.
When the Roman occupation force gets wind of the mountain to the north, the conquerors decide to take action by launching a full-scale assault on Tulan.
Morgance uses the power found in the mountain and the power in herself to fight back.

The Case of the Barbary Coast Pirate

Jim Hume, range detective, is given another assignment. He teams up with Cressidia Graham. Special Agent of the British Secret Service. Jim and Cressidia penetrate the San Francisco underworld in an effort to bring three master criminals to justice in this alternative timeline steampunk thriller.

The Cosmic Circle of Life and Death

In this science fiction short story, Jack Bronson dies. Quark, a supreme being living in a black hole at the center of the galaxy, has plans for Jack. Jack’s life essence journeys back in time to 14,000 BCE, then forward to 1880 CE. Jack is Quark’s best hope to change the course of humanity.

Origin of Druid

A druid is given a mysterious white stone. Kermode, the druid, learns the stone holds supernatural powers. Kermode’s use of the white stone to benefit the tribe leads him to be named as the Elder. Kermode takes a wife. Over time, as the power of the stone dwindles, Kermode’s wife, Idellsa, bears him a son.

Elgin, a wealthy land owner, is deep in debt to the Romans. The payment demanded is Elgin’s infant son. Elgin hatches a plan to kidnap Kermode’s son Durst. Idellsa is killed. Durst is given to the Roman in place of Elgin’s son.

The lives are Kermode and Durst are played out from the wild forests of Britain to the marbled halls of Rome.

Leif Erikson and the Frost Giant

A summer storm blows Leif Erikson’s ship off course. The Greenland Vikings land in Trondheim. King Olaf, the first Christian monarch to rule Norway, gives Leif and his crew a choice: become Christians or die. Leif and his men get baptized. In becoming Christians, Leif and his crew have signed up for a five year service to the king.

Leif is given a new ship and ordered to discover new lands.
Leif journeys beyond the farthest reaches of Greenland. He discovers a land to the east. People known as the Beothuk inhabit this land.

The chief of the Beothuk gets Leif to help him settle some old scores.

Leif, and the crew embark on a journey in the hopes of finding precious stones.

On the way, they encounter talking and walking spirits of the dead, a man crossed with a bear, and a lost city inhabited by a long dead race of super beings.

The Case of the Big Horn Conspiracy

On July 25, 1876, Colonel George A. Custer led over two hundred soldiers to their death at the Little Big Horn River. Custer attacked a combined force of three thousand Sioux, Cheyenne, and Navaho warriors.

Jim Hume, a freelance range detective, has been given the assignment of investigating the site of the battle.
On the train to Denver Jim Meets Cressida Graham, a British agent. Cressidia tells Jim that she is to be his partner on this case.

Minutes after getting off the train a gunman attempts to kill them. From that moment on Jim and Cressidia’s lives are in constant danger as they unravel the secret of the Big Horn conspiracy.


In a parallel universe, William, Duke of Normandy, learns that he has been denied the right to the throne of England.

William vows to invade the island nation and secure the throne. He needs a decisive victory to convince distant Viking relatives to invade England from the North.

Clovis Gournay, an ex-clergymen educated at a Moorish university, provides the answer: psychological warfare, superstition, and assassination.

Clovis turns the tide of battle at Hastings in William’s favor in this action packed, alternate timeline medieval thriller.

Gold Ship

On September 8, 1857, the USS Central America left Havana, Cuba. The ship carried over 500 passengers and crew and over ten tons in gold bars and coin fresh from the gold fields of California
Two days later, on September 9, the ship encountered a category 2 hurricane. On September 11, after being battered by 105 mile an hour winds for two days, the ship sank. Over 400 people lost their lives and ten tons of gold went to the bottom.

The exact location where the ship sank remained a mystery. The last page of the captain’s log book, the one that should’ve contained the coordinates of the sinking, was missing from the log book.

The loss of the gold had an immediate effect on an economy already weakened by bank failures in New York and Ohio.

A presidential election would take place in 1860. The Republican Party rallied behind their candidate, Abraham Lincoln. Southern states threatened to secede form the union if Lincoln was elected and forced abolitionism on the slave labor dependent economy of the South.

Northern industrialists backed Lincoln in a plan to raise the sunken treasure on the Central America. The Union would be able to finance development of advanced weaponry. In the event of a civil war Lincoln would be able to bring about a fast victory and avoid a long, protracted conflict.

The job of recovering the gold was given to a team of specialists: Nick Camarack, maritime insurance researcher and field investigator, Nomvula Bell, Secret Service agent, Dr. Henri Gifard, scientist and inventor, Eveline Gifard, Dr. Gifard’s daughter and research assistant.
The team builds an underwater device. The device is deployed and the gold is discovered.


Eddie Karpovich is rejected by an insurance company for medical reasons. Eddie confronts serious medical issues. From Hepatitis C to open heart surgery. After the heart surgery, Eddie’s life changes. There is something about the organic valve taken from a bull and placed in Eddie’s chest that transforms his entire body. Eddie leaves home to find work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. On his first week on the job the rig is partially destroyed by fire and a hurricane. Eddie goes to Colorado. He confronts the darker side of his animal nature in a series of bloody encounters with his brother, a woman he meets at a local hardware store, law enforcement officials, and local merchants.


61 AD. The Roman Empire has conquered Britain and established colonies in ancient Britain. Durst, a dark druid lives alone in the deep woods, mixing potions from the barks of trees. He sells the potions to wealthy Romans in the colonies. Local merchants become envious when Durst makes large profits without paying taxes to the Romans. The merchants complain to the local garrison commander, Cinna. Cinna agrees to arrest Durst and force him to pay his share of taxes. He intends to strike a bargain with Durst: the druid will supply the potions and Cinna will sell them. Durst eludes capture and returns to the forest, a detachment of Roman soldiers in pursuit. As Durst nears his home, a storm brews. A bolt of lightning strikes a tree, sending a shock wave that flattens the surrounding forest. When Durst regains consciousness he discovers that he has enhanced mental and physical abilities. Durst meets Boudica, the self-proclaimed queen of the Iceni, one of the largest tribes in southern Britain. He becomes one of the mad queen’s closest advisors.

Ghoul Zone

A deadly plague destroys most of the world’s population. Survivors struggle to stay alive against hordes of reanimated plague victims. A man and wife make their way across Florida, hoping to reach safety in the southern part of the state.


Captain Evert Dekker was on his last mission: a deep space voyage to a newly discovered planet. A hostile environment filled with strange plants and animals and political intrigue stemming from the colonization of the new world would change his life forever.

Outlaw Poet

Charley Boles became a stagecoach robber after Wells Fargo & Co. forced him off a mining claim in Montana. He robbed stages carrying company strongboxes for eight years. During this period he became known as Black Bart.

He was brought to justice by Jim Hume, a quick thinking detective. This story, loosely based on fact, follows the interaction of the outlaw and the lawman on the first and last robbery.

Power Packet
Eric and Betty lived on the fringes of society.

Eric was an ex con trying to adjust to freedom and Betty was a super hacker trying to avoid unscrupulous business associates.

A Day in the Life of Andrew

A fictionalized account of real events that occurred before and during the the landfall of Hurricane Andrew.

Invasion of the Bookie Sniffer

Lucy Whitburn tosses a tissue in the trashcan and unknowingly initiates a bizarre sequence of events that spawn a new file form: a strange creature with an insatiable appetite for paper.

The creature finds its way into a classroom and goes on a systematic rampage of devouring every piece of paper in its path until it encounters Stuart Vaughn and eats something that’s not on the menu.

Stuart’s quick thinking gives the creature a severe case of binary heartburn and removes the entire collection of books in the New York Public Library from harm’s way.